We Accept

  • bKash
  • payoneer
  • DBB

Mobile Banking


bKash Wallet Number : 0194 7190259, 0176 1813651 ( personal Account )
01. Go to your bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
02. Choose “Send Money”
03. Enter the bKash Account Number you want to send money to
04. Enter the amount you want to send
05. Enter a reference about the transaction. (Do not use more than one word, avoid space or special characters)
06. Now enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN to confirm the transaction
Done! You and the Receiver both will receive a confirmation message from bKash.

Bank Website:- bKash

Dutch-Bangla Mobile Banking

Account Name: Md Aynal Hossain
Mobile Banking Account NO: 0194 71 90 259 -6
Bank Website:- Mobile Banking

(Note For mobile banking deposit : If you payment us via bKash or DBBL mobile banking , extra 2% amount deposit for payment processing. )

Bank Deposit / Bank Transfer / Wire transfer

Ducth-Bangla Bank Limited

Account Name: Md Aynal Hossain
Account Number: 215 151 36340
Bank Website:- Ducth-Bangla Bank

International payment gateways


We are accept payoneer payment. more details contact us...
Aynal Khan
or contact@hostambit.com

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